Sunday, August 04, 2002

toDay kaRin cut her hair.. haha den she siad it was very short~ lk the female lead in e jap drama TO HEART. but prob is i dunno wad show is tt~! heheh so hav no idea how she looks lk... but think she mus stil look cutE as eva... hmmm dunno leh, but i stil dunno how we became gd frens (mus be my charm?) haha but glad to hav her as fren lor, if not now my life will sux even more~! stil rmb e times i went out wif her... haha tt time she was afraid pple wuld mistake us for steady!( when i stil had gf.....) cute.... hmmm i miss those days in ny when i made new but gd frens and we had sho much fun... i loved those days in ny wow~! it was really all play and NO work! cool man.... but now my results sux lor so mus start studying ahah supposed to do chinese essay now but hai no mood la so sianz... kaRin? frenZ 4eva! thanX for u being MY freN~

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