Wednesday, April 02, 2003

so the whole worlD is toking bout the war in iraq and e sars...
let me give my own view den..
the war in iraq.. well i dun agree wif bush at all... i iraq do not pose a risk to the US at all... cmon the onli way is thru funding terrorist... but come to think of it... would iraq dare antagonise US??? NO way.... unless they can be sure they wun give away traces of evidence linking themselves to terrorism. WELL.. it worked for the US thoug.. e US government is an arrogant one thou they hav thhis right. being e onli superpower does hav its perks.

SARS??? well heed this advice... stay at home. thou i noe i wun follow this... anyway those coming back frm infected places lk HK better be responsible... they may becum killers in another sense!

seems to me the world lacks LOVE..

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