Friday, May 19, 2006

Trip to the Zoo!

Went out with sera today to the zoo. And we took many pics, but those animals, hahaha they make me feel like squeezing them! Lol, below are some nice pics of their BUTTS! Enjoy!

Sera here, taking pictures of footprints on the ground. Very cute... haha


Let me call it my lucky eight. Lol, pretty not?


Look HerE, Urgh!! Couldn't get its front shot, so i decided to just capture its butt for the sake of taking a pic.


Ass Parade dudes... see the neatness? Those lines.. sexy... LOL!


HAHAHA now this one's my fav! LOOK at the butt.. Swollen, red and ugly but it's like so mouth poppingly attractive.


"don't mind me! *shy*"

Hahaha. Nice not those butts? They were really cute la.. just that i sorta pity them. For they can never go to orchard rd to shop. And they are always naked. ;) Saw this poor mule and a hinny shivering. Really quite a sad sight.

And there were really many kids visiting the zoo too! Alot of pri sch excursion during this period i guess. So cute, i wish i could go up to them and squeeze some of their cheeks..

Overall quite an interesting day =)

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