Sunday, February 18, 2007

a brother in love is a brother in need

I'm so envious, dude.

The feeling of love is good huh, just being with someone who likes you for who you are, who thinks your flaws are really cute, who can accept your shortcomings, who will cheer you up when you are down and the thing is, anything she says, even though it doesnt always make perfect sense, you still lap it up for it's really the thought that counts over here. You love it when she makes the effort to cheer you up. Awww, this feeling of being in love.

It makes you float when you see her, you smile when she does, you do things for her unconditionally, and your best reward is that smile on her lovely face. Holding her hands, you feel your footsteps getting lighter, you feel proud that she chose you, you just can't wait to show the world that the two of you, yes, we are in love!

Then you wonder what made her choose you. You must have done something right for her to notice, to start chatting with you, to start revealing glimpses of her life, to allow her to pour her feelings, into this wonderful guy that is you, bro. There isn't any reason for her to like you, it's just you that she likes and not the things she likes about you. When asked, I'd say there's no reason for being in love with this special someone.

"There's some madness to be found in love.
There's also some reason to be found in this madness."

That reason to this madness i feel, is love itself. Love brings out the best in you. You do things just for her. You're willing to experiment, willing to push your limits, willing to break free of conventions, just to do something special for her. The thought of seeing her smile pushes you on, giving you the motivation to create, to plan something extraordinary for her. The time spent doing things for her, you find them worth it, you smile while drawing for her, you laugh when you think of the silly things she'll say when she receives your gift, and you realise you'd want her to feel as blissful as you, to feel that you care, to love you the way you love her.

This feeling of love might or might not last. But while you're still in love, savour each passing moment, enjoy the thought of her in your dreams, live your life as part of each other, and lastly, remember that because of love, there became a connection between the both of you that you hope you'd never lose.

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