Friday, June 01, 2007


Work has been ok so far - I'm an accounts assistant(costing) for a semiconductor mnc. Tomorrow's month end closing, so dunno yet what to expect since I just joined last fri. Plus I have a pile(more than a fuck hundred) of debit notes to issue..

Learnt many things within a few days. In fact, I have a notebook to copy down all the stuff I'm taking in, all the procedures, the checks, and what not. It's my bible now. I'll feel naked without it. First day alone, I noted down 4 pages worth of stuff.

The people here are friendly though, they're willing to entertain all my questions. Really glad to have such colleagues. Yet I do know that once they've taught me something, I'd be expected to perform without mistakes. It's just that in the accts dept, NOT everything comes across nicely! There'd be discrepancies, misreporting by other dept and it's all these that gives us headache. No wonder accountants are so calculative and insist on proper standards!

SAP is a bitch to learn.

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