Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Let's talk about Holding Hands

I've always thought holding hands belonged to the realm of love and romance - the sweet, fluffy stuff.

The hands I've held were always filled with love towards me. My mum, dad, lil bro and the 2 ex-girlfriends. Let's not doubt it here, they all loved me dearly. They still do! Lol, OK discount the last 2 and maybe my bro.

Recently(in other words, just today whilst posting those f.endless journal entries), I asked myself one toughashell question. Can we have a relationship without holding hands? Is it like dou jiang without the you tiao. Are relationships cemented only when we say YES, we are together, hold hands and then kisskiss. Or is there really something deeper? Not a bgrelationship per se, but nonetheless still a relationship in which both parties are committed to and yet silent about. Does such mushy complicated stuff really exist? I think it does.

So if you love me, just hold my hands, look into my eyes, and say I love ya, baby. Makes things so much simpler. Now, go get that queue number at the counter and patiently wait for your turn. I promise I'll be quick with the rest.

Can joke right?

Bah. Actually I don't know why I wrote that first sentence.

Oh, and I just can't wait for work to end - 31st July. I need 3 cups of coffee a day at work. Record was 5.

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