Monday, August 13, 2007

Double Double Treat

Today was a day of treats! Everyone loves treats, don't they?

Char, she wanted to treat me to lunch since she got her 1st ever big fat pay. Had pizza at modesto's. Not bad, nice, but I think I ate too many slices. The taste's still in my mouth.. Then she gave me shrink-wrapped and ziplocked-up donuts from the Donut Factory. Yea, I'm eating them now(2+ am). Very nice! Although they're a little squished since she carried them in her bag. Choc filling with handsome cream coating on the outside. Smackin' gd.

Then we watched RH3 (rush hour 3, for you noobs that don't know lol). Really funny, but lame. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I could continue on writing about today, but then it'll just sound stupid.

Bottom line- I had a great day =)

P.s. Anyone wants to queue up with me for donuts?

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