Friday, May 23, 2008

Life as an audit intern

LOL, I just have to blog this.

Today, I went down to a client's place to do some final audit work before the closing of the project. My task down there was to vouch the contract list and the contract documents to ensure that they were all present for completeness of the process.

So as expected, some contracts were missing, some had screwed up dates and thus I had to go ask the staff for the missing contracts and also to explain the screwed up dates. So we had this finance officer search for the contracts.

At 415pm, I went to him. And guess what.

"another auditor again, I dunno what you are doing, see le jiu tao yan" LOL. I was like mad at him la. Wth, I didn't even offend him. But then, it felt kinda cool because now I LOOK like an auditor. heh and when I still know shit about auditing, that felt really gd.

Oh, AND I sorta made him try to explain the screwed up dates. Heh, the feeling of seeing him loss for words made my entire day. He became friendlier as we went through more problem contracts. Haha, my fake smiles worked!

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