Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just slacking at home, sitting in front of this computer with food in my hand and ice cream in my mouth. The ice cream's good, hazelnut flavour.. haha and it's bite-sized so 1 mouth and it's gone.

It's boring to stay at home, but what to do? It's a Sunday and I've got to book into camp tonight, and it can really be a spoiler. Spoils my mood for going out. Imagine "Hey guys, sry but I've got to go hm early today, got to bk in". Blah! It sucks! No mood...

Will also try to go for the next band pract. Gone so long without touching the trumpet, I must really sound lk sheet now, nvm thou, I'll just give it a try. At least it will be Edo conducting so I think it'll be more informal and less stressful.

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