Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Real Madrid lost...

And I lost 10 bucks to simo. Was half asleep when the 2nd half started, then bang! Goal! Oops, not my team.. too sleepy to even watch on, argh!

And I just realised something, feb is coming to an end! hahaz

Cos janice's bday party is on the 25th, and it's this sat.. dunno whether I wanna go thr now.. cos of joe la.. pang seh kia..

And with the end of feb, comes march, and then april. April=Clear leave period! WhooHoo! Just thinking about this makes my heart feel so nice, warm and kinda fuzzy. Haha, it's almost as good as talking to someone sweet out thr..

Don't have much to write about these days, cos i'm lk always at home. Will someone pls ask me out? ok?? hahaz

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