Sunday, October 16, 2005

Plane completed!

Ok, got my receiver today! And I thought it was going to be easy just fixing the receiver into the body. But no, it wasn't easy at all. I sweated buckets, until I realised that pulling onto the bloody stick wasn't gonna make it come out. Why? Cos it was expoxied to the body. And expoxy is tougher than super glue!

Ok, so I took off my polo shirt. It was pink, but that's besides the point. It was wet too.

So half naked, I got to work. I rmb something about heat being able to soften expoxy. So i got mum's hairdryer and heated up the stupid area. It worked great! I'm a smart boy. Haha, so after some sweaty moments, it finally came out.

Then another problem, I had to push the soft wire antennae of the receiver through the hollow stick which just caused me so much problems. Now the bigger problem is that the hollow stick (70cm long) has a 1cm opening, but at the end it only had a 2mm opening. I had to get the antennae (1.5mm dia) in thru the big opening and out into the small opening. I thought it was really impossible this time.

The antennae was soft and just like a small wire. And it was curly. HOW? Heh, my brain went to work again.

1. I got a needle and thread and pushed the thread into the needle or whatever u call it.
2. I dropped the needle into the big opening and shaked it till it came out of the small opening.
3. Now, with the end of the thread at the big opening, I tied it to the very edge of the antennae.
4. I pulled the antennae ever so gently thru the stick using the thread.

Haha, I think almost 90% of people won't read till here. BUT it's my blog. So no problem.

Years later, when I'm frail and forgetful, I'll once again rmb how smart gary was as a young man. =)

I'm egoistic. But not in a bad way. Hahaha

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