Friday, October 14, 2005

Waiting for my receiver, 40 yr old virgin

So I'm gonna get my receiver on this Sunday morn. Then some experiments and I'm ready to fly! Yes, can't wait for this day..

But then again, life is like so boring right now, my off days are spent at home! Maybe will go for a swim, but today's like a rainy gloomy day.

K, I watched the 40 yr old virgin. The main actor is one freaking major dork.. Can you imagine peeing into ur own face in the morning?! Haha, but the scene didn't really make me laugh cos john had already told me bout it. So I was kinda just expecting it to happen. Gonna ask him to shut up next time round. This is one rude show meant for us! Go watch it, and just laugh out loud. Oh, it's m18 btw. So no kids in the stall!

My week is sooo boring.

P.s. I might be going to Brunei

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