Saturday, October 08, 2005

Spread the Love.

Haha, spread the love. Like how you spread butter onto the bread. Oh and this reminds me of a joke, it's a gd one.. Why are Aussie ladies like butter?

They spread easily.

Cue: HAhahahaHAHa

Ok. I'm probably laughing alone.

But spread the love. Spread YOUR love. Loving can be hard, but it sure doesn't die. It goes on and on. We just have to spread it.

  • I helped this lady on the mrt by giving up my seat to her, she smiles at me. Our mood instantly gets lifted up.
  • Being in a gd mood, she decides to teach her wilful daughter-in-law how to cook something decent.
  • Her D-I-L is touched and treats her older colleagues better, and they're all happier.
  • The cycle continues.
  • All these happened cos I was such a kind hearted soul. See my point?
So I make it a point to try help those in need. But of cos in army it's different la. Why do unneccsary stuff? If you cock up, they'll just point the finger at you. If you do things right, they most probably didn't notice.

To all who said "gary did it, must be him", f* you. Please get ur bloody facts right.

And Dota is really fun. Haha someone once told me her bf said dota makes a guy wish he's single. Glad I found dota then!


Jinwei said...

no way!
Dota is a constant reminder why i'm still single! =x

well at least to me its getting more and more boring pwn-ing the shit outta people.

gary said...

Hey, dota makes you feel gd.. haha

yea, i guess we're all single that's why we play dota..