Sunday, March 19, 2006

Band concert was a success!

Haha yes and it was worth it. All the leave and off i took, all the stupid extra duties that i had to bear and those "SLACKER" accusations that made me so wanna strangle them. It was worth it man. I liked the way we had fun during the performance. And my juniors, wow, never seen cuter people then them. They really reminded me of myself in the past. And you bet this feeling resonates through the entire alumni. We were all talking about how this and that used to be such, how much things has changed, how some things will always remain the same, blah blah...

I loved it when my juniors called out my name during the performance! haha love them to bits. I just like such things la. It was really cool to hear my name frm up the stage. And those in the alumni seemed shocked tt my name was called. Y cannot? I popular mah! hahaha just didn't expect it at all!

Though the performance wasn't a flawless one, it came through nicely because there was a kinda vibe. Dunno how to describe it, but i think everyone really wanted to do their best. No half hearted effort type of people this time.

I made new frens too, mostly those frm younger batches, but most probably we'll just lose contact.. yet it's been gd this past few weeks. They're all nice pple! Cept for 1 tt I dont care for much. Bah, wont even think of him!

P.s. Thks zz for ur trumpet. It was nicely maintained. =)

4 weeks to clear leave. Yea! And kiss gd bye to duties, camp food and lousy pt.

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