Friday, March 24, 2006

Some people just think they hav it all

Bloody pissed when i read e blog of someone i know. Wth is his prob? Does he really think he's all that great and being OH SO NOBLE by sacrificing his time for the band? He chose this path, he wants to go all the way, fine, i respect him for that. But, if u choose to do sth, pls do it without thinking about receiving due recognition for its success or even for ur effort.

I don't doubt his efforts, but when it comes to a band, nothing is a one man show. You think you are working alone and doing a one man show? Please, open ur fking eyes, the rest are what? Not doing anything? They are putting in their time, making an effort to come, and then just trying to do sth for the band. Look at it from another point of view, why be someone who chooses to think that the glass is half empty? Why not let it be be half full? People lead their own lives. You have no right to impose ur ideals and visions on others. You are idealistic, tt's gd. Yet you're also blind to the many things that could happen to other individuals. Band might be very high up on ur list of priorities, but to another person, there could be more pressing worries lk studies, projects and even duties in my case.

Understand that we all lead different lives. This could make u happier. Also, realise that you are no longer THE person in charge. They do not come under ur charge anymore. And, oh why bother? Since u're making so much noise over how u feel about the present and the future, since u think the future is bleak, y bother wasting ur efforts?


geotops said...

Lets be friends?

gary said...

Hi! I need a name.

Sim said...

lol? all he needed was you to click on the profile and the next link. and probably people like me.