Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's a choice?

What's in a choice? You choose from only those that you can chose from. Is this really a choice? Wouldn't it be better to choose sth that you really like but can't achieve presently? This would make a better choice doesn't it?

But I don't. And I know many who don't. There are risks involved. And the heartache that comes will not being able to achieve sth u set off for is not what people like me can bear to go through. Why choose this girl when you really like another girl? Why choose this route when all you dream about is to go the other way? You know why? It's our brain telling us "look, the heart might be right, but trust me, it won't go wrong if you follow me, afterall, I've the smarts"

And so, like obedient soldiers, the brain leads us for most of the time. But the happiest times came when both my brain and heart concur, thus making my choice relatively painless. Yet, this cannot always be the case.

So, do we dare to dream. Or do we just go for that peaceful, already outlined for us kind of life.

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