Friday, July 14, 2006

potato salad

Had to prepare something for tml's potluck at shawn's place. So....

Looks good not? Haha act i don't think so but it definitely tastes great! I made it! But with help from someone too la. Haha and today was like a lesson in home economics.

We were at cold storage, "auntie, which potato can be cubed, which one is the mash type ah?" Our lesson began that very moment. Or at least for me la. I learnt that potatoes from USA are those softer type and potatoes from australia can be a little harder.

"potatoes with less eyes are less poisonous" lol ok la, I choose to believe her...

Then we went ard looking for mayo and bacon bits and eggs.

After that it was home to boil and then mix the potatoes with eggs, bacon bits and mayo. It was fun cos at least I had someone to do it tgt with me. Haha AND she really helped me alot cos I didn't know even simple stuff like when the eggs and potatoes would be fully cooked...

Thks alot sera!

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