Saturday, July 29, 2006

feeling sick

Woke up today with an itching throat and a headache. Turned feverish later in the day.

Still awaiting the birth of my sea monkeys. But I don't think it will happen anytime soon. =(

Why doesn't panadol clear my headache. Feeling heavy and groggy. PLUS had to deal with this shop that sold my brother some expensive(3 figure sum) fish equipment that did not live up to expectations. Bloody angry, plus f**king sick now.

The item was bought 2 days ago. Then we discovered it couldn't perform well, and so we brought it back to the shop today. They didn't want to change it for us, and instead asked us to go see the supplier. So I was f**king pissed. Aren't they supposed to change it for us since it's less than 3 days old. Nvm. I called up the supplier, and he said he would liasion with the shop on this coming Monday. Come Monday, if they still don't bloody do anything about it, I will then turn nasty. You buggers, trying to push the responsibility around. I swear I'll get back a gd working set from them.

urgh... sick

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