Monday, July 10, 2006

what after the world cup?

hoping to go swim with wai on tues

gonna go catch pirates with char next wed

then going for insurance training next thurs

coming sat, potluck at shawn's place


could it be...

the world cup is over

lol I'm feeling dejected and lost without it.

I really need to have something to do everyday. If not I'll most probably end up suffering from depression and go hiding in the toilet once every 13.52min to cry out loud. For the dim-witted, I'm just trying to be funny. Don't think this is funny? Yea, you're dim.

Point is, I'm sitting at home now, typing away cos I can't get to sleep. Why? That wc final. Italy won. Yes. But more importantly, someone tried to hit onto sim?? LOL erm, IMHO, I think she was looking to earn some quick bucks. LOOKED pretty much lk a Stu*y MaM* to me. I mean wth was that lady in her middle age doing thr at safra on the wc final screening night?? She didn't look THAT interested in the match. Hohoho, maybe she didn't hit onto me cos she thought I was underaged... hmmm...

Yesterday's concert at ulu pandan cc was ok. Those girls were brave. Imagine trying to organise your very own concert. Nice work thr.

Are girls from choir artistic? LOL ask me. I've HAD FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. Twice.

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