Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm ashamed of myself man. Bloody just can't seem to speak in chinese well. Today we presented our policies to this group of chinese speaking Malaysians working in Spore. My job really was to assist them in filling up the forms and to address some of their questions.

I just snooked my way through, pausing at least once every min to think through what I'm gonna say next as my brain furiously tries to recall all those chinese words I've learnt.

Scenario 1. Last week. A Chinese Lady.

Speaking in Chinese : "Can you explain this to me?"

FARK. What's the chinese word for "policy"?? In the end, I used JI4 HUA4. SIBEI MALU LA! Dunno why the hell I used this word. Ji4 Hua4 means 'Plan' if I'm not wrong.

Scenario 2. Today. A M'sian Chinese male.

Speaking in Chinese too: "Can you explain and READ out this questionaire for me?"

HONG GAN liao. Want me to explain, I can still bluff my way through. You want me read! My standard at reading chinese words is worse than those sec sch kids la. So I nervously told him to hold on a min, I'll get my colleague to read out for him. Hehs, that guy was f**king blur-ed out with my chinese before that anyway.

Scenario 3. Today. Chinese male too. Helping him fill up his form.

Reading out for him the wordings in the form was sheer torture. I stuttered my way thru, then I did a quick recap of what I've said, and I realised I didn't even uds half of what I've said to him. No wonder he looked lost. lol got so nervous I explained something wrongly to him. Then a full timer took over from me in helping him fill up his form. Guess what, when the full timer corrected my mistake, that guy just blanked. This shows he didn't even farking understand me in the first place la!

Hais I want to be able to speak Chinese confidently. It's not only impt, it's vital too for my career.

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