Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bandits made good

Once upon a time, in a world long before our time, there existed 2 different groups of bandits. The first group were the roving bandits. They would move from city to city, pillaging every single item from each village. They left no stones unturned, and kept moving on to terrorise different villages.

Then there were the stationary bandits. They would stay in a particular village, and would rob its villagers periodically with the aim of long term benefits unlike the roving bandits who had a short term view of things and would clear the whole village out instead.

As time passed, the stationary bandits became more organised and efficient. They resided in villages, with the aproval of the villagers themselves. How? They promised to protect the villagers from the roving bandits. The only downside was that the villagers had to pay tributes to the stationary bandits yearly.

One day, one of the senior member of the stationary bandits had an idea. Let's give ourselves another name instead of 'Bandits'. Let's call ourselves The Government. Let's also change the term of paying Tributes to paying Taxes.

It sounds really nice now, doesn't it?


School is getting better everyday. Things are becoming clearer. I'm getting lost only once on avg everyday. The lecturers are clear, coherent and thankfully Singaporean. I'm comfortable with the people around me. The timetable is really nice. School is not bad at all.

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