Sunday, August 06, 2006

Old friends

Went to Charmaine's Farewell cum Birthday party. Hahaz, it was like a super duper advanced birthday party seeing that she came into this world only 1 day before me. And my birthday is in NOV. Hahaha, but whatever it takes to make her happy la! So.. Charmaine reads my blog. Very honoured.

The "birthday" girl looked so much better with contacts, hahahz and she seems a tad more feminine yesterday. Must be the hair and dress. Met up with some old classmates too. Peiwen is so pretty now! But oh wells, she's too tall.

It's been 3 years since we last met as a class. Wouldn't say that I really missed them all, but the feeling was good seeing that we spent 2 years as jc mates, fooling around in sch, having pillow fights in the student's lounge blah blah..

More of such gatherings please.

p.s. Charmaine, have a safe trip to the states and I'm pretty sure you'll make many new friends over there who will celebrate your 21st birthday with ya!

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