Friday, October 27, 2006

My reply

Call me a pervert if you want. If basing your judgement on just a single side of the coin alone suits you just fine, then so be it. Do I need anymore friends than I already have? I doubt so. But I’m honestly disappointed with you.

This whole shit was taken out of context. Let me explain now, won’t you? Hear me out please.

Firstly, I’m truly sorry to the person whom I “victimized” in your own words. And that’d be the only person I’ll ever be sorry to. She means quite a bit to me if you didn’t know it already.

My apologies would never go to you, a bystander who chose to spread this piece of juicy news. You know, I was plenty hopeful that we could still be friends before today, but apparently, this is bullshit now for as far as I’m concerned. For whatever reason you chose to write in a public blog, do you seriously think it was a good idea? Does my insensitivity accord another bout of insensitivity from you?

I am not a pervert. Yes, my act might seem perverted if taken at face value, but had you so bothered to find out exactly what I had wanted to bring across to her, this might not be the case. It was my way of communicating the matter to her. I would never want to hurt her. And because of my insensitivity, I ended up making someone that I care much for, feel violated. For this, you won’t imagine how much I’m blaming myself.

Yet, to say that I’m perverted and dirty-minded is to actually give me a slap in the face. This is not a fact, at least not to me and to many of my friends. A real pervert however, would just smirk and enjoy all of these silently.

I did not do it to amuse myself. Neither did I do it because I was particularly proud of the fact that I had something interesting to say. Think it through, if I were really that eager to impress this upon others, I would have chosen a not so subtle phrase. Rather, I had chosen it in such a way that it would only be relevant to her and her alone. No one else would know unless either one of us spills it.

Besides, I do respect girls. Really. Where’s the disrespect to girls from my act? Fact is, it was my way of telling her something. True, it was insensitive and it made me out to be an ass but I can swear there was no disrespect intended. This turned out terribly wrong for me and her. But still it doesn’t give you the moral authority to use those hurtful words on me before even asking for an account of my side of the story.

It’s easy to take sides, I know.

But above all, utmost on my mind is for her forgiveness. Nothing else pretty much matters now.

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?