Wednesday, October 04, 2006

no prawns for a whole month

sch sucks today.

Went to Quan's hm again to burn time while waiting for msformallydressed to be released from a seminar. Stepped on xiaofan, and I thought I was dead cos he looked like he was gonna cry. Fuck, I would la if I'm a 2 yr old kid being stepped onto by this big 65kg shithead. But then, my paternal instincts kicked in and I gave him the kindest ever look, plus I hugged him so nicely I bet he still feels the warmth in his sleep right now. Awww, he just looked at me with those teary eyes while I sayang-ed him, and he didn't cry! I think I'm getting nuts, I'm loving kids more and more. Not in that way, you sick bastards.

Then msformallydressed and I met and searched high and low for Activa xxx gel. Couldn't find it. Went thai for dinner and I had the freshest prawns ever, but it was just too many for 1 sitting.. so that explains the title.

Also found out that grandma was admitted into hospital again today. And guess what, I think it's cos of her eating habits. Why can't you just control yourself! See la, it's back to hospital food for you again. They never listen. Worried.

I learnt something about myself too today.

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