Sunday, January 15, 2006

Anderson open hse

Went to my sec sch yest. Was really filled with nostalgia man. Especially when I saw myself in the photo albums. Wa lao, I looked lk shit, very toots, but also very innocent.

No worries about the future. Just having fun.. hahah oh man, I mean I can't believe I really was that toot lor. Hahahah, I want those days to flood and overwhelm me, to bring me back to days where hours flow by quickly and everything went smoothly (cept for chasing girls la).

Hmmm, I gotta apologise thou for being late by quite some time (act i was bloody late). But really, thanks for asking me to go.. I think I needed this man. To feel young again. hahaha, ya feel young. Cos they really are a bunch of spirited pple. So funny man, those girls and guys dancing.. heh I can't join in. I'm just too shy.

Then after the open hse, it was shopping. Didn't manage to find the shoe I want. Really unlucky man. But it was fun la, went ard just looking at pple. Went to the middle of the fountain of wealth and touched the water. Stomach almost bursting from dinner. Yea, today is a nice day. I lk going back to my old schs and meeting up with frens.

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