Tuesday, January 17, 2006

thinking and thinking...

What's a spare tire for? It's there for our assurance. We have the tires already, but it's just there in case anything were to happen to the car.

Similarly, in our lives, we have many spare tires. Take me for eg, I applied for 2 places to the 2 unis, and for what? It's for me to feel gd that I can still choose frm the 2 unis. But is this gd? I never did think so, but being practical and everything, I just did it. Simply put, I liked the feeling of having both places.

Some, they choose to apply this principle into their love lives. They might already have someone in their heart, but concurrently, they're still giving another party the false hope that something might just happen. Maybe, it's just us humans. We all like to have back-up plans. When something doesn't go according to plan, we still want to feel gd about ourselves, and so, we get a spare tire. Now, I'm not just talking about myself ok! But it's just that many times over, I've been observing this kinda of stuff happen to friends ard me.

And so, I'm still thinking.. trying to analyse it, but perhaps in a more positive light. Cheers.

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