Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Eve at East coast chalet

It was crazy. The company had booked like 5 chalets all in a row. I think hundreds turned out for this party. At first, it seemed pretty boring, the usual bbq stuff.. It was fun only when they started to play around with those foam sprays at night. Haha, and I joined in too. All sprayed foam like there was no tml! Some poor fool got targeted and god, his whole face disappeared in foam!

Then they moved on to water bombs where it really looked like a grenade range, with all the bombs flying around. Very interesting.. Cos there was this time when I was standing just outside the chalet with some other people, and then we got targeted. The bombs came in fast and furious, hahah and those giggly girls, they all pushed into me against the wall as they tried to avoid the bombs. I was like helpless man. 3 girls just pushed into me until I was practically hugging all 3(for like 30secs)?! hahaha an experience not to be missed thou..

Then came all the company talks and blah blah. Soon, it came to countdown proper. The moment we ushered in 2006, it was like Sentosa you know, all the foam! I had 2 cans of foam in my hand, and I made sure i made gd use of it! hahah So fun actually, it's like you spray me, and I make sure you get sprayed too! And also, it was back to water bombing! It was so crazy. You have to be there to feel it. The open field got waterlogged just from the shear amount of water used! Things became uglier when some started to put mud into the bombs. Shit man, normally pretty and 'ai swee' girls got their face dirtied with mud when they got struck. As for me, my white pants became brown polka dotted shit. So wet, so wild! hahah ok and I will thank joe for treating me to the party. Thks!


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