Thursday, January 12, 2006

someone out there?

sometimes, all i ever want is just for someone to be there for me. not my parents. but just someone.
someone i can share my experiences with, someone i can bear my heart out to. many times a day, i might have the urge to talk to someone, but the someone is non-existant. and this makes me feel so empty.

but so what if i have this someone?

life would be easier if i could treat everyone as though they're my someone. but then again, the someone is only special because she's my someone.
until i get to realise the meaning of having a someone, until then, i'll make myself believe that there's no-one.

1 comment:

Jinwei said...

someone must be a she?

aww. i thought i could be that someone lol.

call me if yer need anything.