Saturday, June 24, 2006

Added link to xiAnie


I won $150 so far from the world cup. nice? The thing is, the more I win, the less I'm willing to take bigger risks. I have this feeling that I'll lose big soon. So, I just don't bet when I'm not confident. haha it's quite common sense.

Went and bought davidoff's coolwater today, it smells so manly. hahaha. I'm growing up nicely.

Uni is starting soon, and I guess I can't shake legs anymore come august. So who wants to shake legs together with me now?? Haha, we'll be so happy shaking legs together. Shaking our legs all day looong...

Sigh, xianie placed the link to my blog at such a LOW position. lol.

Also, remember the cookies I tried to bake? Well, they turned out very nicely done with the exception of the first batch. Uncle Gary's Famous cookies will be famous throughout the world! The name already says it all. Quality cookies with a quality name. It can never go wrong!

My very first cookies. Chao ta ones. *I hear some sniggers*
Of cos la, the 2nd batch was much nicer...

Ok, time for soccer. =))

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