Thursday, June 08, 2006

Baking my cookies

Ok! *rub hands* I must get down to baking my cookies.. hahah

Been delaying it since yesterday. The thought of cleaning up after everything is always so tiring. That's why I'm still not doing it.. but don't really have much time left, so I'll just have to get started.

Also, I just visited the blog that me and my ex created for ourselves. This is bloody top secret stuff I'm talking about. Haha cos only the 2 of us know about it. But had no heart to read on, it's all in the past le.. but to me, once I really really like someone, then there'll always be a place for that someone in my heart even yrs after.

I'm talking about this cos of a show I watched yest, shall write about it AFTER I bake those cookies.

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