Tuesday, June 06, 2006

later am going out to get some ingredients and hopefully i'll find a ready set kinda box where they provide u with both ingredients and also instructions. i'm gonna bake some cookies or maybe brownies. My first time ever.

also, just wanna thk sera for accompanying me to town to get some stuff. i would be totally lost if there were no one beside me man. luckily, i had this gal who knew quite alot about such things with me on tt day! i hope she's feeling better today.

thk to bizhu too, for going with me to sentosa. hahaha although yea i think it was more fun to be performing then just being on-lookers.

oh ya, and i'm out of a job now. i quit my previous job after 2 days. it felt lk doing push ups for the whole damn day! bloody hard labour la. couldn't stand it, so i quit. but i left the company on amicable terms.

am trying to organise sth special now. heh heh so hopefully everything will go smoothly and let that day turn out to be a fun one for us all.

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