Thursday, June 01, 2006

first day at work

it sucks.. doesn't need grey matter. just manual labour. pasting labels, moving stores. for this, i get $50 a day. for a 5half day week, it'll add up to $1.2k. it's because of this money that keeps me going.

makes me feel under-used. but oh well, i do like the smell of cash =)

anyway I'm gg to sentosa this sunday. who else is going?? Balloon Hat Fest.

oh ya, if sim is reading this, then i will say that i'm enlightened le. think and think and think, bloody hell, i think i finally got it. hahaz, imagine i'm a boat, trying to sail against the current to this beach, then i think i'm closer to shore! but no! the current pushes me back again. useless, hopeless, fruitless, i rather go out to sea again la. =))

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