Monday, September 04, 2006

Late for class!!

Added link to Mer's blog. Ok your turn to update!

Was super late today for class. But damn, that tutor was cute. I like plump frens. Hahhaa so cute man. Reminds me of j**. That fat ass.. enjoying himself in nus. Having an illicit relationship with his cousin. He was like telling me how happy he was to be with his cousin. WTF. His COUSIN! And the age gap.. omfg. You are one crazy sick asshole. Luckily you share your stuff with me. I'm so glad I have happening stories to tell all my newfound friends in ntu. =)

I hate it when you're unsure about so many things. It's like backseat driving. You're just being led along. The wheel is just so not in my hand. Or so I choose to believe. Projects, tutorials, quizzes.. Bah!!
I'll take charge soon enough though.. gotta start cracking my butt off or face those Cs..

On the way hm, was talking to XiQian about the girls in our tut grp today. Who's prettier, who's happening, who's hotter. Then there were the rankings. Superficial? Yup. We all are. Then I came up with a theory.

Guys are more superficial then girls.

Gal is ugly. Guy likes gal's character, but will never consider her.

Guy is ugly. Gal likes his character, and slowly falls in love with him.

Ask around. Get a guy to admit that his gf is ugly, and you get a treat from me. Now, girls are apparently better cos they'll go "oh, he's not my type, but he just won me over with his sincerity" *silly grin.

Awww.. but there're always exceptions la.

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