Sunday, September 10, 2006

The ride home

It was past midnight and there were not many cars left out there on the roads, so I thought she could handle it. After all, someone's been bragging about how daddy was so proud of her. Haha.

That first bump over the kerb, it sure wasn't nice. But yea, there was that bus blocking ur way, so maybe I can understand.

That part where you didn't notice the red arrow at the traffic junction, and thought that the green light would allow you to turn right. Well, we were all lucky there. Still want your andersen's? Make it less 1. Damn. By now, we're like all super awake.

When we thought that all was fine, you made us jump once again when you actually wanted to use the incoming lane to turn into a roundabout. What were you thinking... Sleepy!

But, we don't blame you. Just practise more!

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