Wednesday, September 27, 2006

moviemovie + thoughts

Let's hope friendswithmoney is gonna be good. Such shows never did appeal to me man. But then Rob-b-hood looked bloody stupid so we're like left only with this. Pray let it be good. Actually, the only thing going for it so far is that it's m18.

Ok. I just saw the trailer for friendswithmoney. I just hope that the seats are cosy enough... zzz

That reminds me, there was a time when I couldn't even watch nc16. The hell, missed halle berry's boobies while Vemalan was able to snook his way in. And now! m18 also no prob! R21, still have to wait. But then again, with the internet, R21 shows are way too mild. pffftt.

Spent last night trying to be um cheerful and all? But it was easy actually cos when you have someone crapping and giving u lameshit throughout, you just get so infected. Maybe, that's why man, dunno.

But yea, it was clear and I already understood it like a few days back, so yest was just affirming in a way. Which sorta reminds me of biz law project. Which again reminds me of acct and IT projects too.

But I'm not yielding.

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