Friday, September 22, 2006


Great. So what's wrong with me being deep in thought. Stop looking at me as though I'm behaving weird. Cos I was not!

I didn't realise last night just how some things can change the mood for supper so drastically. And no, wai, I'm not in depression. Just cos you saw me doing tt shit a few months back, doesn't mean I'm always like that when I go silent. Plus, I wasn't mumbling dude, was just tired. Wanted booze, but they didn't sell beer. Incredulous. Yea, beer could always be bought elsewhere, but the mood was gone, no one seemed to want to drink anyway.

I was so tired, I didn't even comment on probably the ugliest pair of pink shoes I've ever seen. It looked so.. eighties. Was it really yours?? Hahah it's funny actually, damn, now I think those slippers I bought were just too good for you.

Only sim seemed to at least uds why I wasn't noisy last night.

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