Monday, September 12, 2005

Doesn't this strike a chord...?

when a GUY sms
a girl
he expects her to reply.

when a GUY calls her everyday,
he wants to hear her voice.

when a GUY is quiet,
he is tired of loving her but yet dunoe if

when a GUY looks at her with eyes full of
he is wondering if she loves him.

when a GUY says "I'm fine" after a few
he is not fine at all.
(bloody true...!)

when a GUY stares at her,
he is thinking what if only he can have her.

when a GUY lies on her shoulder,
he is hoping time would stop forever.

when a GUY wants to see her everyday,
he misses her.

when a GUY says "I love you",
he actually means it.

when a GUY says he can't live without you,
he means if you die, he will die. (this one, I don't believe)

when a GUY says "I miss you",
he really misses her.

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