Thursday, September 01, 2005

Project Superstar Craze

I hope Kelly wins! Haha look at her cute, chubby cheeks. Just feel lk biting them!

Anyway, this Sat I should be going out.. to pei someone study. Heh but of cos if we have the time, I feel lk watching March of the Penguins. Cos I read that the film maker actually went to Antarctica (not sure) to film it over a year. Basically, I think it's about a penguin's life and its family. Should be a great story.

Oh ya, Jw.. Thanks for teaching me how to play Dota! U were very patient with me man. You know why I'm suddenly so Onz about playing it? Cos my camp mates keep talking bout it! And then 1 day I wanna go play with them. Wah lao, but there's so much to learn. So complicated. You can definitely be a good teacher, bro! Haha next time we go find jobs as tutors la ok! I wanna teach those pui pui little kids. haha then can go pinch them. I have an obsession with pinching fat cheeks! => waohaohaha

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