Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I Remember

For a special Friend of mine. I made you a promise, and here is a poem about us.

I Remember,

meeting you when we were both 17.
Fresh out of secondary school,
We went to this place,
Which was home to us for the next 3 months.

You were one of the few,
and definitely one of my best,
and closest friend,
in this place named Nyjc.

Together in Pegasus,
we painted the hoardings,
with brushes and even our palms.
And walked away with the first prize too!

Those 3 days of my life,
I'll never forget them.
'Cos in those 3 short days,
I got to know this precious friend of mine.

Remember the times,
we had fun buying stuff,
for this bbq I organised?
When we went searching for things,
that we never knew were needed for a bbq!

And I still remember,
on one evening,
when we took a walk,
just the two of us,
from Woodlands interchange to this stadium nearby.
We just sat there,
and chatted the hours away.

Maybe you didn't know,
but I ignored the calls from mum.
'Cos I didn't want this day to end!

There are still so many things that I remember well.
Things that make me smile,
that will always bring warmth
and a certain sense of affection from me for you.

Hearing you cry over the phone,
on the eve of Valentine's Day,
my heart actually felt a lil something for you.
But I pretended that all was ok,
'cos I made a choice and stuck with it.

Looking back now,
and given another chance.
I would have done things
in quite different ways.

But all these memories,
shall stay with me.
And I hope that this friend,
whom I miss,
will feel the same way too.

Miss those days. Alot.

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