Sunday, August 28, 2005

Good Day!

Went out today with 7 babes and dudes. Jw, Wai Hong, Hon Boon, ZhaoXian & his little bro, Clara and Shimin.

We went to ice skate at Jurong. It was quite fun cos I've not been there for quite awhile. I was thinking about keeping my butt off the ground at first. Hehz some others were not as lucky. Jw hurt his feet cos its either his skates giving him prob or he wasn't skating the right way. Anyway he had this big blister with lotsa blood on the sock.. oh man, it sure looks painful! haha!

Basically we went round after round. Haha but it's really fun la to have ur gd frens ard you.

My day haven't ended yet u know. So after dinner, we took this train back to yishun and then I bluejacked some poor guy or girl during the journey. I bluetoothed over this msg "Hi, Hello!" lk 4 times. Hahahaha I could hear the poor fellow's phone beeping away without knowing where the hell tt msg came frm. Coolz! I juz love doing such things.

Haha still with me? Then, after I reached home, I went out again. Cos I had to pass gp notes to Seraphine. Hope you'll use it well ok! It's really a great source to study frm for gp. Ok, so I sent her hm. Then it was when we were sitting down waiting for my bus hm tt i saw her feet, Haha! So small! 'Fortunate' Gal we have over here. hahaha Keep tt smile on ok =)

End of my day. Finally. Gonna go drool... zzZ

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