Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just came back frm camp..

i dont want to complain, but army life sucks! i get picked on, scolded for things others wouldnt be scolded for, and i get MORE duties! yea, u hav to bootlick, hav special connections or maybe be totally hardworking to have an easier time.

totally stressed out with not making any mistakes cos i know if i do, i'll get double the scolding? haha anyway, sim told me its 9 more months! haha bro, u know the casio watch i hav? i use it to count the number of DAYS left in the army man.

hmmm, guess i better live life happily, even ogres (SHREK) can live happily ever after so why not me?? i lk shrek, he's ugly, smelly and he doesnt give 2 hoot bout pple ard him. haha but he found fiona after all right? such a sweet story... of cos im not lk shrek, im the opposite of him! handsome, sweet smelling and im such a considerate fellow..

erm.. such proclamations Do help raise my morale u know... so bear with me.. heh

hmmm ying knows bout my blog now, so i guess she'll read it religiously evryday? haha i wish. anyway, i read her blog and that guy that gave her a birthday surprise really surprised me too.. good to know that the guy is serious bout her.. well, as jealous as i Might be, gotta admit he's 1 notch higher up in the romantic quotient as compared to yours truly. =(


its OK. I'm Fine. haha really... life goes on, girls come and go... though not as easily as i wish. ;) army life restricts ur social activity. I burn on average 2 to 3 weekends a month ok. what's burn?? it means i hav duties on weekends! cool right? staying in camp on a bright sunny sat or sunday morn! makes my heart so warm, so nice... NOT!

hmmm, ok gotta mention a special fren of mine. And that's Karin =) haha i feel she's a strong person on the outside.. but inside, well she's lk all other girls. and some 'soft' guys too. she's caring, pretty, smart and nice haha.. oh i see some fingers pointing... but No, I'm not in love with this lass. she's a special fren thats all =))

oh another lady im proud to introduce here is the 24/7 mouth-cant-stop-talking Charlene.. heh well, she's not as cute as charlene choi.. but shes somewhere there la. always noisy, a little ignorant of certain facts in life.. haha she knows what i mean.. look she's up there in my blog.. her makeover photo! but erm haha i don't see much difference. okok, maybe a little improvement here and there.. i just dont wanna get beaten up.

life aint gd at the moment, but i'll learn and learn and learn how to let go, to know what's really true love and of cos to cherish those beside me now. u really never never know what might happen in the future. as for me, 1 thing i'm gonna start doing now is not to tell lies if i can help it. haha im a lousy liar u know, but some of my lies are passable. but what i want now is no more lies for me! as for my close frens i dun want lies too ok? promise me tt, and i'll be a happy man..

jokes aside lets pray for zero terrorist incidents in singapore.. cmon, cmon, better pray. i might be one of the first few to go if such a thing happen. afterall im in the EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) unit. haha sad but true.. pray for singapore's safety then!

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