Sunday, August 07, 2005

hahahah went out with wai hong e short legged

this afternoon at ard 4pm me n wai hong met in yishun park to go cycling together. i had no bike so had to go borrow one frm jw. thks dude! my fav cousin! hahaha

then we rode the whole circumference of Yishun. haha not really sure bout e circumference thing. but it sure feels lk it.. we really rode all the way until the expressway i think. then finding nth else to do.. we went back to yishun park to try the slopes. I like speeding...

ok nth really special right?? then came this joke of the yr! haha tt wai hong tried to go down this flight of stairs on his bike.. but his feet couldnt touch the stairs at all, so he sort of bumped down all the way and was not able to stop himself! heh but nth happened to him la.. just that his face came to bout .60m away frm the ground while still on his bike. cool stunt... heh I laughed out loud for the first time in months. this crazy but damn nice fren.. cool, lets do it again! haha

oh ya, we played pool too... i lost Every single game. tough luck. But i'll try again.

btw pple if u do go to marina south tml for the National Day Countdown, do give me a call! i'll try meet u pple there. but i'll be on duty so cant do much.. anyway for those ga-ga over fireworks, pls pls pls go! its 20 over minutes worth of eye poping fireworks display.. its definitely worth ur trip there. Plus i'll be there too! haha yea i know.. gary bhb.. gary show off.. no la! its my own brand of sarcasm ok.. i'm actually being humble here...

tk care pple and a very very happy Birthday to this wonderful nation.

Shit, I just remembered something. I'll be spending National Day in camp... ... bloody bloody hell sob... ...

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