Sunday, August 07, 2005

BorinG day.. so some recollections of my jc life

Am i at home now? haha feels unreal u know. being at home is lk so blissful to me. I'm more of a homebody. This i realised only after i entered the army.

In e past, during my jc period, it was crazy. we pon school left right up down. I still rmb how in aj, we could only leave school after 1230 right? haha so me, wai hong, sihan and sometimes Hutt will go out to play. School was nv impt nor fun at tt time. Hmmm But I din forget another guy! HON BOON! he's part of our clique too but he never did pon classes at all! you hardworking ass!

oh ya back to the 1230 part, u know u cant go out b4 1230.. so what did we do? haha we went to the computer rm n surfed the net, playing games with each other online. Monopoly was a fav then! haha we'll be lk sitting opposite each other in the rm and then trying to bargain with each other to get a better trade!

i REALLY miss those days.. wow... it seems only lk yesterday when i made fun and irritated the hell out of them throughout the day.

actually me n wai hong were the worse among this grp of friends. we were forever in the comp lab.. haha whenever there were any lectures i'll say to him "wei! let's go for computing lah" haha n then usually he'll go. but sometimes i hav to drag him along too heh that guy obviously wanted to attend Proper Lectures at times. BUT it was for the pretty girls in the lecture theatre instead!

u know a lecture is pretty boring when u see heads bobbing up n down, and when this happens people start finding ways to amuse themselves. haha well, i was one of them.

wai hong was the target. heh heh.. my clique used to go swimming after lessons so we'll usually bring along our swimming stuff. heh i knew that guy brought along his sorta colorful trunks for that day... so during this particularly boring lecture, i took out his trunks and threw it to another of my fren.. HAHA! oh man, it was great! we played 'monkey' with his trunks! haha i wondered how many times his black trunks with blue, red and yellow motifs flew over his Head. all this while, the lecture was going on.. cept that pple were beginning to notice my class fooling ard at the back. =))) my idea of fun! i take full credits for the laughter we managed to generate that day!

Do i feel guilty?? haha sometimes lah. But wai hong is a great guy man. He never really gets angry thou i kept teasing him bout everything. we had great fun.. my best bud in jc.

What About GIRLS? haha i did have crushes ok! but nth seemed to work out after my brief but real sweet relationship with Anne (her nick? Anlene - Good for your bones ;> hahaz!) whom i met in nyjc when i was there for the first 3 months. haha those 3 months were havoc la, much much worse then when i was in AJC. Wont say much bout it now, but when i get into the mood.. words will spill forth frm my mouth lk the niagara falls!

Those days were actually very good. i was handsome, dashing and attracted scores of swooning girls. hahaha i told you it helps builds up my confidence!! so stop trying to figure out whether its true or not!

anyway me n my grp of 5 frens went everywhere together in jc.. we'll alert each other whenever any pretty girls walked past us ;> we were practically daring each other to confess to our crushes! sihan did confess to grace... i think so! but nth happened, sianz!

So u see.. I'm not such a boring person afterall.. its just that army made me grow up maybe just this little bit, i learnt to treasure my time at home. shopping centres, orchard rd, all these places are fun too to me. But i will still choose home over all these. Nothing beats being in the comfort of my home. =)

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