Sunday, August 14, 2005

Actions vs Words

What are words if they're not backed up with actions?

I mean, I dislike people who say one thing and do another. But I equally dislike people who say something and then fail to make true their words. What is it with words that make us use it so liberally without realising the importance of what we say.

When we say something, we should do it. Haha, I admit I'm at fault too at times. But i want to change this bad habit of mine!

For eg.

"Hao! come eat your dinner! It's cold!"

"Ya OKOK! mum, wait awhile la! I using com."

Then I'll be using my com until 1hr later when I finally lift my butt off the chair.

This is minor, but it shows u what kind of a procrastinator I am! I use words to ward off my mum's incessant naggings. But that's not what my words mean to my mum. To my mum, she thinks that I'll go have my dinner soon. A bit of a betrayal of trust, don't u think.

SO people, make your words count for something. People who really care for you will be affected when you simply use words without thinking. Think about what you Will do when you say something. Words can please people. But they can hurt greatly too. =)

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