Friday, August 12, 2005

Chanced upon this controvesy - a pregnant woman ditched by bf

Tristefemme's blog

Above is the link to her blog. Please note, this is a cached page and it is not going to be updated. The woman in question has already deleted her original blog.

I have read through her blog, and from what i understand,
  1. She's a graduate from a US Uni with double degree.
  2. Her bf is a Captain in the SAF who received an SAF merit Scholarship.
  3. They had consensual sex, and she got pregnant.
  4. They were dating for about 8 months.
  5. Her bf broke up with her and told her he'll pay for child support.
  6. He no longer wanted to have anything to do with her.
People, please go to the link and read up on her blog. I pity her. Why is this guy not being responsible?? He's an army officer, what's more, he's a scholar too!

True, there might be two sides to a coin. But surely you will feel her pain when you go through her blog. It's just so painfully honest. That's my opinion. I believe her side of the story.

It makes me think about being in a relationship. You know, people usually say guys want it because it satisfy them physically. Girls, they do it out of love. How true is this? I mean, some girls like the feeling too. We're all different. It's never going to be easy to lump all guys and girls into that 1 group.

Girls can want it because of the physical aspect too. But then again, I believe most girls do it out of love. This woman is 26 yr old. Not young! She can think, she's smart. She knows what's in for her if they had sex. But why have sex with this guy who was not prepared to accept her baby? Maybe it's her ignorance. Ignorance of the fact that this guy was only playing with her.

Did the guy love her when they did it? Obviously not. He didn't accept her after she became pregnant. Why can't he accept her? He didn't want to marry her. He didn't want to marry her! If you love a person whole-heartedly, you'll obviously want to marry that person given their age of 26 -27.

This got me thinking. Temptations will arise in relationships. But are these physical desires borne out of love? Or simply out of lust? It's a difficult question, simply because we don't want or don't dare to answer it. Or it's because we're unsure of the answers ourselves. In this case, wouldn't it be wise not to engage in such activities? I don't know. It's a tough question. Humans will always be humans. We know it's wrong but we still proceed on.

What does having sex mean? How different can it be from making love? Can a mutual liking for each other justify doing it. Or must there be love before sex? Perhaps, this is down to one's moral values. There is no right or wrong. It's never black or white.

What I feel about this guy is not important. Rather, the readers should come to their own conclusion about this sad story. I'll love to hate this guy. What about you?


Jinwei said...

why do you always like to post rhetorical questions and prompt your wonderful audience??
anyway about the mutual liking,sex, and making love part i remember sarongpartygirl explaning before whats the difference in all. interesting. Read her blog if you love sex. not in a vulgar sense of cos. lol.


Jinwei said...

btw if what you're saying is accurate.
That guy is a f-bastard la. simple as hell.

gary said...

haha i lk posing questions to others. It's just so me. haha