Friday, August 05, 2005

Singapore's NDP & a Poem

Hey guys there'll be a National Day Carnival at Marina South from tomorrow to 14th of Aug this month. And.. it concerns me! haha cos i'll be there on duty on next mon and the day after National Day.

it should be fun for u guys. hope it's fun for me too!

anyway i just want to have fun u know. forget certain things and then have fun again!

i wanna go overseas soon.. but where?? any comments?? not too faraway cos i have no money.. i'm just a poor nsf serving this nation. =(

ok suddenly i have this urge to write.. i HAVE to let it all out..


Captain of his Ship

Splashes of darkness fills my night,
as i wondered about what might be.

This inevitable feeling of helplessness,
comes when you know all is gone,
like the captain of a sinking ship.

When the cause is lost,

Do we turn back to the past?
And ignore what history has taught us?
Gone are the days when she sailed proudly as can be,
the long nights out,

in the unfeeling sea,
has made this once haughty lady,
a painful sight to bear.

Why didn't the Captain do his job?

To keep her afloat, to let her shine?
He had tried, in his own simple, soft ways.
Alas, he was only a man, with faults and all.
No matter how hard he went about fixing the holes,
He never knew what really was needed.

She was beautiful.

Smoothly cutting through the waves on the ocean,

gliding gracefully into the setting Sun,

So gracefully we never knew this would come.

The Waves lash out,
like a madman on the loose.
The Wind blew,
with a vengeance that was never seen.
What could keep this beautiful lady afloat?
The captain thought and started to panic.

Then, he realised it was no use,
she wasn't listening,
she would be gone.


Would he go down with her,
or bail out with hopes for the future?
He didn't know,
for when one comes to a crossroad,
it's never easy to choose left or right.

Then, he woke up to the Sun.

Light was breaking through the darkness that surrounded him,

giving him the warmth,

out in this lonely, cold Ocean.

Where he was stranded in,
without his lovely ship.

The Sun gave him hope,
gave him the strength to carry on.
To fight this terrible monster that came from within,

threathening to strip him of his energy,
and his Life.

With this,
the Captain tried his Best,
to escape the swirling ocean,

tossing him around like he was without weight ,

And ignoring the dreadful coldness slowly seeping into his soul.

He swam for shore.


Thank you Karin, this poem's for ya =)
Without you, i might have remained lost. But for now, with the guiding hand of our friendship, I have reached my shore. haha, you always seem to be there for me. So for any problems u have, find me!

I should add that for all those who are down, Dont despair. There are others who are worse off than you are. Don't pity them please. Go help them!! Kare and concern will only make this a better place for us.

Start with ur family and friends. You'll be surprised how much love u'll receive just by showing some care and concern.

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