Monday, September 05, 2005

Unit Bowling Day & overseas leave

Ok, just came home after bowling at Marina South. Was fun but quite subdued. Anyway the best part is that I'm home earlier!

Anyway, someone owes me an answer to a question. Actually this question is not difficult to answer when taken at face value. It's only difficult if you keep thinking of other things. It's only tough to answer when the mind is uncertain. But I need an answer soon. It's only right for me to have it, I think.

Also, I have applied for overseas leave on the 24th Dec to 27 Dec, so the grp of 5 guys, you better go apply soon man! Don't waste my leave ok. As for destination, we can go to Malaysia la, haha jw dunwan go Thailand.. besides M'sia is cheaper. Cruise, Genting, Penang, KL anything la! OK or not?

Wah sianz... nth to do now. So waiting for the weekends to come again. Haha AHM (Army Half Marathon) on this Sunday. Who wanna run with me?? 21km.. come, feel free to join me man.

Haha jw, I'm free on Sat but up till around 7pm only. Cos have to go back to camp. As for this Sunday, sorry it's full! hahah try again.. ;>

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