Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Google Earth!

Cool?? Yea it's the Himalayas.. Looks like some kinda leaf right?? Got this screenshot from a program called Google Earth. I tell you, I'm loving this program day by day... Need something local?

Nah! Here's our very own city area. Need some more pics? Haha tagboard me any location on earth and I'll try my best to find it. For a fee, of cos... hahaha ( a treat la!)

Today's the end of my block off period.. quite sad.. cos it means I have to go straight back to hell again tonight. And can Somebody pls stop thinking that I'm very slack? You know who u are! haha Cos I'm really not. This period of time is more lk a lull period for my unit. But come xmas, new yr, Cny.. it's going to get crazy pretty soon enough.

Luckily I'm taking leave on xmas ( going to Genting with friends! ). Hehz please ok, those whom I've already asked to go, try tell me asap whthr u guys can make it or not. I've been thinking about some nice games we can play.. hehz you know.. guys, gals, some food, some drinks.. in a hotel room.. haha Games Galore! Use ur imagination people!

Oh it's only September.. cant believe I'm already dreaming about this xmas. k, let's hope it'll be a fun trip for us all.

Headache. Unlimited wants and desires. (thks Mr Choy for teaching me such terms) But I never did pay attention to your classes anyway. BoOr-ing! How? First I read about the Ipod Nano, then my heli battery seems to be going south, and at the same time, I'm also going crazy over rc airplanes. God.. give me strength to resist it all..

K, now I wanna write about some matters of the heart:

You've told me that we'll avoid contact for now, and I accept it, cos it'll be a gd thing for us to do. Life for you I think will be pretty busy from now on. Just take gd care of urself. I dunno what might happen in the future, but right now, I still care, I think. Just that I don't think it can be called love on my part anymore. I think love is subjective, infatuation at its highest point might feel like love to some. For me, I think I can understand a little bit more.

Love doesn't come to you in the beginning of a relationship. It's only after you get into a relationship, learn to cherish and be totally unselfish towards each other, then this liking can truly blossom into love. Another thing that I've come to realise is that love needs constant nurturing and 'maintainence'. You can't say you love her, then expect her to understand how u feel. You need to express it in other ways. Love can die you know.. without any input, never ever think that this girl or guy who may have liked u alot in the past will continue to do so in future. It's like growing a flower. No water? Simple.. no flowers for you!

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