Monday, September 12, 2005


Quite disappointed with the way things have turned out for my block off period. I actually wanted to have fun these few days. But it turns out that there's nothing much for me to do cos everyone's not free..

So I'm at home, trying to keep myself busy. Turns out tt some of my camp mates who're also at home jio-ed me to play dota. Haha But I still suck at it.. Kept dying!!

Hmmm.. I've been thinking, what makes you want to buy an Ipod nano even though you might already have an mp3 player. God, I've already spend alot on mp3 players. Now, along comes this Ipod nano. It's really damn nice man. I especially like the piano black version.

THE Ipod Nano

Well let's see how it goes first.. I might not want it after a few more weeks of consideration and reconsideration. Haha..

Hmmm someone said to disturb me after her exams.. Hahah, so make sure you disturb me after your exams! I'm sick. I like being disturbed. =)

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