Sunday, September 18, 2005

Swim then movie with friends

went for swim alone cos wai hong pang seh me.. but it's ok.. cos in future we'll go tgt.. u promised bro. haha..

then i kinda rushed to bishan cos i didn't wanna buy clara cookies. absolute waste of my money. haha turns out tt shu e and her were late too.

So with jw, waihong and those 2 girls, we went to watch hinokio. a nice show, a little thought provoking. I love that female lead man.. so cute.. so spunky.. my kinda girl! and clara pls open ur eyes.. she's a girl ok!

then went to sakae, had fun talking with them. but i think i went overboard with wai hong.. sorry ya? haha i think i got drunk on green tea. so was a little high. tell u la, u are a damn gd bro.. really.. if any girls dunno how to appreciate u, tell me! i'll knock some sense into them.. haha! right? Future Roomey?? not rooney! not tt ugly footballer..

mmm.. ok i guess i wont poke my nose into anything anymore. hav a gd night people. sweet dreams. i hope i hav one too..

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